6 Reasons You Should Always Choose Soy Wax Melts Over Paraffin Wax Melts


Have you tried soy wax? If you haven’t and purchase products made from paraffin wax you’re missing out big time on a lot of benefits to your health, wallet and olfactory system. Want to know why using soy wax is better than using paraffin wax?


Soy wax is derived from soybeans. Soy wax is hydrogenated vegetable fat that becomes solid in room temperature and doesn’t including any artificial or harmful ingredients.

Soy wax is the natural healthy alternative to paraffin wax

This means, it is a better alternative to the traditional paraffin wax that’s derived from petroleum, paraffin wax gives out toxic by-products when lit. Soy wax on the other hand isn’t toxic and hence good for both your health and the environment. You will be happy to know the scented soy wax melts we sell at our online store are made using 100% high quality soy wax.

Zero Soot

If you light up paraffin wax product like a candle, it will leave a layer of soot, if lit near a low ceiling or a shelf. On the other hand, soy wax doesn’t have any soot, as it burns clean. We all know soot can leave stains on walls, curtains and other surfaces, making soy wax a cleaner alternative.


Unlike paraffin wax melts, soy wax melts do not release carcinogens when melting. Do you know a minimum of 11 well-known toxic by-products are released when burning paraffin wax? The worst is that they’re all carcinogens, which can potentially cause cancer.


Derived from soybeans, soy wax is an environmentally friendly alternative and renewable resource. Petroleum is not a renewable resource. Also, if you’re have kids or pets. It is better to always select safer and environmentally friendly products.

Soy wax is environmentally friendly

Cost Effective

Do you know soy wax melts lasts longer than traditional paraffin wax melts? Yes, the composition of soy wax makes it possible to melt evenly and for longer. This is due to the lower melting point of Soy Wax.

Intense Aroma

Love long lasting intense aromas? Then you would love to know that you get a more intense or stronger aroma when using soy wax melts compared to paraffin wax melts.

Scented soy wax melts produce the best aroma

Many say lighting up a candle sometimes triggers a headache. What many don’t know is that, it’s not due to the candle per se, but rather the harmful by-products of the paraffin wax in the candle.
Not only do you avoid this by switching to soy wax melts, but you also get to enjoy a better aroma. The scented soy wax melts at SoSweetMelts™ use a high scent to soy wax ratio, allowing for even better aromas.