8 Reasons Scented Wax Melts Are Better than Scented Candles


Melting Time

Do you know the type of wax, fragrance oil, and the amounts used, can all affect the melting time of scented candles and wax melts? Yes, both candles and wax melts are used for different purposes and their average melting time is influenced by these factors. Wax melts have a more intense aroma as they heat up slowly. Also as you do not directly burn wax melts, their fragrance oils are not destroyed while releasing their aroma.

Scented wax melts last significantly longer

Scented candles on the other hand release the aroma quickly. Scented candles also burn up the fragrance oils as they are directly lit by flame.

For example our popular soy wax melt pots are usually used in segments and each segment will fragrance your home for many hours.


Wax melts don’t cost as much as candles. You not only get a longer burning time, wax melts are also cheaper giving you one more reason to choose them. You get five times more burning time with scented wax melts compared to scented candles.

Scented wax melts are more cost effective

Let’s do a simple maths: A scented candle costs anywhere between £10.00 – £20.00, with even the more expensive brands costing above £50.00. On the other hand, our soy wax melts start from as little as £2.99 – £4.99 for soy wax Clamshells. On average scented wax melts are about six times more cost efficient than scented candles .

No Toxins / Harmful Chemicals Released

SoSweetMelts Soy wax melts are made from soy. Soy Wax is eco-friendly and burns clean unlike the paraffin wax used in scented candles

Scented Candles emit pollutants and toxins that are harmful to your health and causes allergies. They can also exhastabate asthma and some by-products are linked to cancer. Do you know Toluene and Benzene are among these by-products released by scented candles? Paraffin is the main ingredient for candle wax and it is derived from Petroleum, which when lit releases carcinogens into your home.


Scented wax melts can be used anywhere scented candle can be used used. Additionally unlike candles, wax melts can be melted using a tea light or an electric wax melter, this makes them really handy. Wax melts come in all shapes and sizes, you do not have to use your entire wax melt clamshell in one go. You can snap off the required amount of wax melt and use only that piece to scent you home.

Aroma Intensity Control

Everyone loves lovely scents and it is only fair that wax melts come scented. We do not compromise on our soy wax melt scents. We use one of the highest scent to wax ratio. Scented wax melts give you control over the scents, you can break the melts into smaller bits to control the intensity of the aroma.

Scented wax melts give you complete control of the aroma.

Additionally unlike candles, you can blend your wax melts into new aromas. You just have to break the different wax melts into smaller pieces and place them on the wax warmer. The best example of a mixable wax melt would be our soy wax melt clamshells ,these duo 90g wax melt bars contain 2 different scents that pair up perfectly.

Longer Lasting Fragrance

Many ask if wax melts are really stronger than candles. After some research, we identified that candles with more than 7% of fragrance cause issues with the wick and some even burst upon lighting! Wax Melts on the other hand are able to hold 10 – 12% fragrance. The cleaner non-toxic burn from the wax melt also releases a pure non-tainted scent, that lasts longer.

 No Soot

When lighting candles, we usually check where we put them and ensure there are no low ceilings or shelves close to it. This is because candle leaves a layer of soot. With time soot deposit can cause discolouration of ceilings or even curtains. That’s not the only concern – inhaling soot causes problems in respiratory system including breathlessness. It can also be a catalyst of cancer, stroke and heart attack.

Environment Friendly

According to scientific estimates, a glass bottle takes a million years to decompose, if it isn’t recycled. It is one of the longest lasting man-made products. By buying glass jars of scented candles, we will be adding to our environmental waste. About 28 billion glass jars are thrown away each year. Many experts say these might end up remaining in our environment indefinitely.