About Us


SoSweetMelts is an independent business. Unlike other scented soy wax melt businesses in the UK, SoSweetMelts is truly independent. Sosweetmelts does not have to answer to share holders or celebrity investors. Other scented wax melt retailers are not independent and they usually have to reduce the quality of their products to increase shareholder profits.

Being independent means SoSweetMelts scented soy wax melt are handmade with the uttermost care. It also means we only use the best ingredients including high quality soy wax and fragrance oils.

Our Products

SoSweetMelts offer a wide range of scented soy wax melts products. Our products include scented soy wax melts, scented soy wax brittle and scented soy wax dous. Each scented soy wax melt product is handmade and inspected for quality before being sold on www.sosweetmelts.com

All of our scented sox wax melts are made in the UK and are 100% CLP compliant. CLP compliance means you can have 100% confidence when you using our scented soy wax melt products. No other scented soy wax retailer offers wax melts with the following:

  • Scented soy wax melts handmade in the UK
  • High quality vegan soy wax used in all soy wax melt products
  • High quality fragrance oils
  • Exotic fragrance oils
  • CLP compliance
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Amazing customer service and social media interaction