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SoSweetMelts Chunky Soy Wax Brittle comes in multiple scents designs and GLITTER LOVE for you to choose! Our scented soy wax brittle comes in a beautiful  grip sealed packaging, preserving the fragrance of the wax brittle.

SoSweetMelts range of scented soy wax melts and soy wax tarts is large. Our soy wax melts and tart melts are handmade made in the UK. We also have a wide range of quality fragrances for you to select from.
All of of our scented soy wax melt products are CLP compliant. We also offer a wide selection of individually selected fragrances for each of our scented soy wax melts.

SoSweetMelts soy wax melts use only high quality soy wax and a high percentage of quality fragrance oil. This means our scented soy wax melts offer unbeatable long lasting fragrance at an affordable price.